Winstrol is a very popular anabolic androgenic steroid used either orally or by injection. Along with Deca and Dianabol, it is most often used by modern athletes.

Stanozolol is commonly referred to as “Kubus” (winstrol). As mentioned earlier, it comes in two forms: tablets and ampoules. The solution for injection is the same methylated compound as the tablets. It has a fast but short action for 8 hours.

The injectable form of Winnie gives better results. It is believed that the tablet medicine is broken down more in the liver on the first pass, so less medicine enters the bloodstream.

With intramuscular administration, the same complications can arise as with the introduction of other drugs: abscesses and seals. The injections can be painful, so it is recommended to inject the medicine into different parts of the body. Winstrol can be drunk. This is possible because injectable Winstrol has the same composition as tablets (as already mentioned above). Also, since it is a methylated steroid, the drug is not destroyed by the liver.

Rehabilitation therapy

Rehabilitation therapy

Because the drug cannot convert to estrogen, there is no need to take additional anti-estrogens like tamoxifen or clomid with this steroid. Even the most sensitive athletes will not develop gynecomastia when using Winstrol. It is ideal for building muscle mass as it does not retain water in the body. The fact is that estrogen causes excess fluid to build up in the body. The steroid is ideal for athletes looking to achieve both strength and speed.

It has an anti-progestin effect. It binds to and competes for progesterone receptors in the same way Clomid or tamoxifen bind to estrogen receptors. It is also believed that Winstrol inhibits the activity of progestin. Progesterone plays a role in the development of gynecomastia as it can increase the side effects of estrogen, including gynecomastia. This is one of the classic SAA courses in Russian bodybuilding, in any case, Winstrol is one of the three most famous anabolic androgenic steroids, on par with the king of “Methane” and “Deca”. The winstrol course is usually pro-ka-ly-vayed to prepare for a competition which is usually reasonable as winstrol is not needed at all or is only needed to pro-ta-gen-noy active-nose-ti -Complex suppress courses. On the other hand, clever dealers, bb-wa-yut, every young Apollo to drill everything imaginable and not to think if we-mi-pre-pa-ra-ta-mi, ah, da stanozolol “dry” Joints, boy lumps, pro-ko-lov-shi-sya wine-stro scrap, will surely come running to the “bridge”. And remember, steroids have side effects, so don’t use them without your doctor’s advice!

This does not mean that we do not recommend the Winstrol course, but it is worth taking it only as part of the “compote”. It is true that we do not recommend going to the dark side of the force at all because if you are under the age it is useless and can lead to a lot of side effects. If you do take the “course,” be sure to undergo an analysis and consider post cycle therapy before you smash your butt with a needle. If this is your first course, it is better to start with a different drug, e.g. B. for a set of muscle mass, solo methane is better, and if you are a companion of so-no-z-lo-scrap “za-su-sew-sya” then if you meet yourself, be sure to send him on foot -ku “spend oxandrolone.

Perhaps those who read our articles on a regular basis are a little tired of the fact that in every article on AAS we say that steroid use is only justified when the patient already knows how to gain weight and lose weight without doping. You may also need to read that you must “run” on the minimum dosages. However, this information will be provided in each of these articles. The fact is that violent “curses” are not only pointless, most likely ineffective, but also downright dangerous. The impressions of the endocrine system toro-pa-shche-go-sya, to get to know all the charms of the dry far-ma-co-logia, are almost the same as he would experience, in-pro-bo -vav collect bar-gu weighing 300 kg. Yes, his chest would be broken, well, and it all kills the endocrine system.

Rehabilitation therapy

The course of Winstrol is not child’s play, it is a very serious drug that professionals use before the competition and usually the drug is not combined immediately. It’s not that it’s ineffective, on the contrary, it does what no other pre-paring council does, but it’s always a “but”. If you discover that an athlete “fucked up” while training, you know that he most likely used win-walk. It is clear that you can sew 90-100 kg of carcass to 80-85 kg of pure meat without breeding, but we are all lazy, we all want more, spend less, and you boys are adult boys, this way, since you decided to go on a cruise, at least you are driving properly. When it comes to ka-sa-et-sya de-vo-check, de-voch-kam far-ma is basically not needed, but Winstrol is all the more so if you just don’t want them to get a rough male voice and hair on. breasts. What’s going on? Here’s what …