Winstrol Depot is a subsidiary of Zambon S.A. manufactured drug (steroid drug), which customers of our store can freely buy in almost any city in Belarus. It is mainly used for sports purposes: it is often used to build quality muscles, burn fat, increase strength and endurance.

The effects for which athletes value anabolic effects are characterized by a large number. In particular, the drug helps to improve fitness, such as high-quality muscle growth, increasing muscle relief and hardness, increasing endurance and strength, and even burning excess fat.

Winstrol and its effects

Winstrol and its effects

The active ingredient of the drug, Stanozolol, is a dihydrotestosterone derivative with relatively high and low androgenic activity (320% and 30% endogenous testosterone, respectively). The effect of this anabolic lasts an average of 8 hours, so the preparations based on it are usually used every day or every other day (although in general everything is individual).

Keep in mind that Winstrol emerged as a brand in the middle of the last century. The first effective drug of that name based on Stanozolol was released in the 1960s. More precisely, it was released by Winthrop Laboratories in 1962 and gained wide popularity almost immediately after its appearance on the market. Today, Winstrol from Zambon, as a modern analogue of this drug, is also in great demand and is regularly used by athletes of various disciplines, including bodybuilding, for various purposes.

The properties of the drug provide really impressive improvements:

  • It is qualitative muscle growth
  • Increase resistance with performance indicators
  • And increasing relief and muscle hardness
  • And ensuring the removal of excess fluid from the body
  • And of course the fat burning effect

However, it should be understood that Winstrol Depot Injection can also have some side effects, not just positive effects. In particular, when using it there is a risk of hypertension and an increase in the level of cholesterol in the blood (also a certain probability of myocardial hypertrophy).

On the other hand, Winstrol Depot and Stanozolol injections generally do not have serious hepatotoxicity. Also, it has no estrogenic or androgenic side effects. Despite this, it is recommended to be taken primarily by male athletes (when used by female athletes, virilization effects can be felt).

Storage Conditions: It is best to keep this injectable anabolic steroid out of the reach of children and pets, and generally store it in a covered, dry, dark place. The storage temperature is usually chosen at room temperature without sudden changes.

The course of Winstrol

The course of Winstrol

In sports practice, this drug is often used in cutting courses or in general to obtain high-quality muscle mass, increase strength and endurance. At the same time, it is mainly used by men for long runs, but not by female athletes. The fact is that the use of Winstrol by women can have undesirable consequences, namely virilization effects, which include: increased oily skin, facial and body hair, and even a change in body shape.

For men who want to take Winstrol, a dose of 50-100 mg of the steroid per day or every other day is recommended (Stanozolol does not have a very long duration of action, which explains the need for its high frequency use). Keep in mind that courses using this anabolic last an average of about six full weeks.

Receiving Winstrol itself is practically not carried out. In most cases, athletes combine this drug with other anabolic and androgenic steroids to achieve better results. The choice of the combination to be used is an individual matter and is determined by experience, financial possibilities, and most importantly, the goal the athlete is striving for.

The Winstrol Depot and Testosterone Propionate course can be successfully conducted by athletes who want to achieve high-quality muscle gain and strength. You can also recall such popular combination courses as combination with turinabol, phenylpropionate or nandrolone decanoate, methandienone or trenbolone acetate. Depending on the priorities and skill level of the athlete, really great results can be achieved.

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